Welcome to rebel REVERSALS  we have all seen it , you are looking to learn forex but you search google an there is so much info you dont know where to stART . SO YOU GO TO WWW.YOUTUBE.COM  BUT ONE PERSON SAYS ONE THING AN SOMEONE ELSE SAYS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE . SO YOU HAVE GOTTEN AS FAR AS UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS BUT WHERE DO U GO FROM THERE ?  


So you start asking friends on social media have you heard of this trendy word called “forex” ?

 you get random comments from friends of friends saying


” i know of a way that you can learn forex plus make money for showing others” . you think to your self wow that sounds fantastic , till three to six months later you haven’t really learned how to trade any better than when you started . plus now you are out a few grand in monthly membership fees which you up line totally told you ” don’t worry i promise to help you but don’t forget to to pay your monthly “


stop being lied too stop feeling used and victimized


  here at rebel we believe in giving you all the correct information up front in great detail . so that you can start learning how to become a profitable forex or currency trader with in days an most there very first day . 


The wildly popular trading system 1..2..3.. Profit

Hashtag #123profit #lazytrading #rebelsfx #patternkings #rebelreversals on social media, has now become a movement… With the mission statement of tearing down the conformity of business suits, Brokers Offices and bringing ” Retail Trading ” outside to different destinations around the world. You will Learn that whether you are a single parent trying to supplement your income or in your golden years and want to feel young again and just want to learn the basics of FOREX by keeping it simple and not allowing yourself to over complicate it .

Here we Combine simplicity, profitability, & accessibility. The purpose of this course is to give you a clear understanding of Rebel Reversal Patterns from the popular POWER SCALPING to the weekly an monthly patterns Mr. Floyd speaks about on his live feed casts ,  in the Market & how you can easily Identify & Capitalize on these types of long an short term trades .

Rebel Reversals are the perfect strategy for anyone from Beginner to advanced, and by using our interactive  education courses you see us on live charts at least once a week you cant get any more interactive than that  you will be given all the knowledge & tools you need to be comfortable & confident Trading Rebel Reversals way of dominating the markets  ! 

With the course u will learn all 7 areas of forex An 6 months of live zoom calls :

  • Power SCALPING
  • Uptrend
  • Downtrend
  • Support & resistance
  • Patterns
  • News
  • Trading psychology

You get live webinars at least once a day An a pdf journal that has deep inner workings questions that will keep you on your trading toes week after week