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 Mentor Rebel Trader

$150/one time

Technical Analysis/Wake Up In Profit Method

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 Mentor Lysander Cuevas

$300/ 1 week


Personalized 1 on 1s

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. With one of our experienced mentors by your side, you can achieve your trading goals. We will help you focus on areas of weakness, while still enhancing your core knowledge of the markets.



Group Webinars/Live Trading

Learn to look at the markets in a new way while our mentors go over the fundamentals of trading, take questions and give there inputs on the trading week ahead.



Analysis Chat Room

You will get added into our Trading Phycology group. Mentors Rick and Lysander will go over setups for the week and take any questions, kick back trade an laugh with the rest of the group.


                                               The Mentors

We Are  Dedicated To Teaching

From continuing education classes, to learning the art of personalized training tactics, our mentors are ready to help you meet and exceed your trading goals. It is our firm belief that trading  can be used to help people achieve a second income, more balanced life. Whether you simply want to just learn the basics of trading or want to get more advance and eventually master the markets. Our entire team will help you meet your goals so that you can feel like a more confident trader.


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  • Lysander Cuevas